Jack Posobiec, Planted Signs, and Fake News

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After being caught planting “rape melania” signs during protests against the Deploraball, and after being ousted from Shakespeare in the Park for disrupting the play with fellow *allegedly* paid protestor Laura Loomer, Jack Posobiec released this video:

Most pertinent to our story here is the NAMBLA branded sign.

Now, we aren’t here to call Jack a liar, but white supremacist James Allsup, no fan of Jack Posobiec b/c of his penchant for hoaxing, and thereby discrediting “the right”, says of Posobiec: “I’ve always had suspicions that his honesty was not all there”, in reference to the “rape melania” hoax.

It’s difficult to argue that you’re honesty is above reproach, given the problems the alt right has had with credibility, especially when one considers that it’s one of your own that is questioning your ability to tell the truth. Particularly when video has also surfaced where demonstrators condemn the infiltrating paid protestors, telling them to “go home”:

and given this video of the protestors, which to the keen observer demonstrates a few oddities between the group in Posobiec’s video, and the group of protestors themselves:

Most notable of these oddities is that the “Black Lives Matter” sign, so prominent in the Posobiec video is nowhere to be seen in the protest video, nor is it present in the video where protestors unceremoniously kick the fake protestors out (the video indoors). Another oddity is that the 8 second video offers just enough time for the actual protestors to realize what’s going on, but the video offers neither an introduction, nor a coda. One would think a journo would have no trouble adding those to the video, no? The only real question that needs answering at this point is how many paid protestors were in attendance for the photo op.

So, given the long history the ‘alt right’ and conservatism generally has of lying, obfuscation, #fakenews, and #alternativefacts, is Jack to be believed this time, after doing the exact same thing doing the altie’s Deploraball? Of course he is. Nevermind that he’s also a pizzagate conspiracist.

You’re welcome Jack.






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