‘I wouldn’t even rape you’ Line Gets Cheers, Applause at Mythicist Milwaukee MythCon

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‘The moral outrage over that is something I just don’t care about,’ says man who led rape-themed online harassment campaign

*Edited 03/10/17 to include Carl Benjamin’s response, attributions and typographical corrections.

News article on Benjamin’s rape-themed tweet.

Long before Saturday’s Mythinformation Conference hosted by Mythicist Milwaukee, their speaker Carl Benjamin was widely criticized for leading an online harassment campaign against a British MP using the phrase ‘I wouldn’t even rape you, Jess Phillips.’

In the week leading up to the conference, MythCon Co-founder Sean Fracek and Director Brian Edward defended their decision by calling Carl Benjamin an ‘entertainer’ and compared 600+ tweets aimed at the sexual assault survivor debating whether they would or wouldn’t even rape to a joke that bombed.

Despite hearing concerns from many in the atheist and skeptic community that putting Carl Benjamin on their stage would normalize online abuse, Mythicist Milwaukee organizers went ahead.

On the day of the event, fans sporting Kekistani flags – the symbol is an adapted Nazi flags that Sargon uses as a way to mock identity politics – lined up to see the man who once doxed a woman wearing a ‘Feminist’ t-shirt, resulting in such harassment from his fans that she had to file a police report.

Adapted Nazi flag worn by a Benjamin supporter at MythCon by @MrAndyNgo

In the 1 minute clip from the interview/debate, Thomas Smith of Opening Arguments Podcast can be heard describing that a British MP, a sexual assault survivor, had launched a campaign to stop online misogyny and harassment. He then quoted the words Carl Benjamin tweeted at her, ‘I wouldn’t even rape you.’

Fans of Carl Benjamin cheer and applaud. Benjamin himself smiles widely and points to his cheering supporters from the stage.

What Carl Benjamin appears to say in response is also shocking.

‘Yep. (inaudible)… understand why the moral outrage over that is something I just don’t care about.’

Attendees react in disgust.

According to Smith, each time the phrase ‘I wouldn’t even rape you’ was said during their debate, cheers and applause went up from Carl Benjamin’s fans.

Eyewitness reports some women left the conference hall because they felt unsafe with Benjamin’s fans cheering the rape line. A woman attendee told this author she nearly broke down in tears watching young men in the room applaud tweets about rape.

Conference organizers have not, at the time of publication, made any apologies to victims of sexual assault or rape if they were affected by what happened at their conference.

No word yet from Mythicist Milwaukee’s Sean Fracek and Brian Edward if they are happy with the ‘entertainment’ Carl Benjamin provide his fans at the expense of survivors of sexual assault and rape.


After being sued for copyright infringement in August, Carl Benjamin took the unusual step of directing his fans to leave the woman alone and not harass her.


The Amos Yee Fiasco

In a related story, a last-minute announcement on their Mythicist Milwaukee Twitter feed promoted the appearance of Amos Yee at their event.

Recently granted asylum in the US after his conviction for uploading an obscene image and making remarks intending to hurt the feelings of Christians in his home country of Singapore, Yee is also infamous for making controversial statements about sex with children aged 14 and 15.

Video CW: Profanity, sexual abuse of minors

When initially confronted about their association with yet another individual with offensive views on sexual assault, Mythicist Milwaukee put out a statement that Yee had retracted those comments.

When Godless Engineer, a MythCon supporter and advocate, announced that Yee had posted a retraction on Twitter that was deleted and was pushed for any evidence, there was none to be found.

A few hours later conference organizers changed their position and announced Yee had not made any retraction. They further announced that instead of attending the conference, Yee would be banned from the conference participating in Mythcon entirely.

Mythicist Milwaukee statement that Yee would be banned from their conference for his views on sex with children.


Apparently the conference organizers did not conveyed to Yee.

In this video, Mythcon interview with Amos Yee, Yee reports he purchased a ticket to the event and was granted entry. However, after the first break in the schedule he was approached by conference representatives and escorted out of the venue by security.

Many tweets related to Yee’s appearance have since been deleted from the group’s account, including one denying they have ever excused pedophilia.