ANTIFA Leader Exposed! #totallynotfakenews

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Today, Lucian Wintrich, conservative shitposter, uncovered serious allegations from notorious twitter troll Tom Bloke, known to minor ANTIFA generals as “THE LOGICIAN”-mastermind behind ALL ANTIFA demonstrations acts of terror inna werld. In a devastating tweet, Bloke confirms he is head of the WORLDWIDE ANTIFA CONSPIRACY AGAINST DEMOCRACY™, and has been since he “took over” from NAME REDACTED, the purported left hand man-“gina” of David Futrelle – notorious feminist #fakenews propagandist, and leftist Cuckmaster General.

RELATED NEWS: acknowledged ANTIFA general, known as @akkadiantimes on Twitter, AKA “Mr. WoolyBee” “@mr_woolybee, “The Dirty PuertoRican”, Mr. Miscegenator, and to his enemies as “that loud brown motherfuckin’ cuck”, infiltrates leftist blog website Akkadian Times, and confirms existence of ANTIFA “supersoldiers”, which are believed to be imported – in violation of Federal Law! – from the freaking future.

Other ANTIFA leaders include:

Richard Spencer (no relation to Richard Spencer, NPI White Supremacist), of ANTIFA TERROR CELL #24-98, based in Virginia.

John “extra cheese” Podesta, head of ANTIFA TERROR CELL: CODENAME #PIZZAGATE – which has been linked to pizzaria basements, mass terror emails, and -FFS- HRC, known among ANTIFA members as “psycho grandma”.

Mike “peter pusher” Cernovich, the lynchpin of so-called OPERATION: STUPID

AND John. You know John. The guy at Starbucks that keeps giving you the wrong coffee? HIM. That sonofabitch!

AKKADIAN TIMES  will continue to bring you up to the minute reportage of these mission critical unmaskings as they are revealed. Oh, pay no motherfucking attention to Paul Manafort being indicted today. THAT’S #FAKEnews.

UPDATE: Twitter user @historyinflicks (AKA Maple Cocaine) has confirmed use of the ANTIFA time machine to bring DEMONIC AGENTS from primordial Earth to shore up the ranks of the crazed LEFTIST mobs being created en masse by ANTIFA to stomp out da poor white nationalists who advocate PEACEFUL ethnic cleansing.

UPDATE: DAVID “little troll” Sherrat, formerly known as “spinosauruskin” on Twitter has been confirmed as a subject in the ANTIFA supersoldier program. Law Enforcement Officers should consider him armed and completely harmless. Unless he’s going to hurt your feewings.






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