Mythicist Milwaukee #MythCon Organizers Appear With Another Online Harasser

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Mythinformation Conference organizers continue to associate with men known for leading online abuse and harassment.

This week, organizers for Mythicist Milwaukee promoted their controversial Mythinformation conference on the channel of an Australian YouTuber who routinely calls people f*ggots, r*tards and c*nts in his videos. (Bearing response to the teen-aged boy starts around 2:30.)

Appearing on the channel of a man who makes money demeaning, insulting and identifying people for his fans to harass online, Mythicist Milwaukee conference organizers Brian and Sean promoted their upcoming event.

Comment Bearing left on a teenage boy’s video.


The YouTube channel of 400,000-plus subscribers is known for low brow humor, sexist and homophobic slurs, swearing and a repetitive content formula of degrading someone, usually for holding an opinion Bearing doesn’t like.  After being targeted by Bearing, several people, including teen-aged creators, were driven off YouTube. The video below documents the evidence of this pattern.


Mythicist Milwaukee claim on their website they ‘…don’t permit hate speech. Hate speech refers to content that promotes violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on certain attributes’. Despite that stance, Brian and Sean of Mythicist Milwaukee promoted their conference on a channel that is known for doing little else but demeaning people and targeting individuals for Bearing’s fans to harass online.


Bearing has a sordid online history of abuse, documented above. In the last year, Bearing impersonated an assault victim to ‘troll’ someone he disagrees with. Bearing used the transphobic phrase ‘chix with dix’ in the thumbnail and video.

(For more information on Bearing’s impersonating a transwoman who was a victim of harassment and assault, watch this video.)

As noted above, Bearing harassed teens under the age of 16 online. When challenged on Twitter, Bearing tweeted in defense of the harassment of the ‘kid’ – as he calls him.

Shortly after representatives of Mythicist Milwaukee’s Mythinformation conference appeared on Bearing’s channel, he posted a video explaining why he voted No to changing Australian law to allow same sex couples to marry. A member of the public took this screenshot of the comments left under Bearing’s video.

Screenshots of comments from Bearing’s video.


Mythicist Milwaukee claims to be against the sort of bigotry and harassment that typifies Bearing and Sargon of Akkad’s YouTube activity. Carl Benjamin’s history of online harassment and abuse of women is well documented. Bearing routinely uses sexist, homophobic and transphobic slurs in his videos, and these are repeated by his fans when they harass the targets Bearing identifies for them.

Actions speak louder than words and the Mythicist Milwaukee conferences organizers choose to associate with two men known for their online abuse and harassment of others, especially women.


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