Man Supported by White Supremacists to Speak at Milwaukee Conference in September

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Carl Benjamin’s appearance on the Joe Rogan show.

Carl Benjamin called racist leader Richard Spencer ‘our guy’, Spencer called Benjamin ‘a great entry point’.

Aug. 26, 2017. This article has been updated to include a quote from Dan Arel and a report that Benjamin was suspended from Facebook for three days due to Community Standards violations.

Aug. 25, 2017. Mythicist Milwaukee will host a man endorsed as a ‘great entry point’ by white supremacist Richard Spencer at their autumn conference. Carl Benjamin is a featured speaker for the September 30th event taking place at the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Benjamin, also known by his YouTube channel name ‘Sargon of Akkad’, called Spencer ‘our guy’ on Twitter. The UK resident, who once tweeted ‘Jews aren’t white, they’re Jewish’, is supported by American neo-nazi leader Richard Spencer and the racist English Defence League in his home country.

Benjamin uses racist slurs in his videos, even insulting those with cognitive disabilities on his YouTube channel.

Mythicist Milwaukee organizers have fielded complaints about Benjamin’s online harassment campaigns. Last year, Benjamin told the The Sunday Times  he’d been planning to target British MP Jess Phillips with online harassment.

His tweet ‘I wouldn’t even rape you, Jess Phillips’ set off a storm of rape-based abuse directed at Phillips, a survivor of sexual assault.



In this video clip, Mr. Benjamin calls his mother and lies about the exact wording of his rape-themed tweet to British MP Jess Phillips.

UPDATE: The day after this article was published, Carl Benjamin reported he had been suspended from Facebook for three days for violating their Community Standards.

Another instance of Benjamin being punished for violating online community guidelines, this time on Facebook.








Benjamin was recently permanently banned from Twitter.


In the past his account has been suspended for spamming unsolicited gay porn at people and posting personally identifying information about a woman because she wore a T-shirt that said ‘Feminist’. His online followers then sent the woman rape and death threats.












In response Benjamin posted a video where he tells his listeners that what the Nazis did to the Jews is analogous to his being removed from Twitter for violating the terms of service.


Individuals in the atheist community are expressing concern that Benjamin is being promoted by Mythicist Milwaukee.  Several progressive YouTubers opposed to Benjamin’s content and tactics created a YouTube playlist featuring the bigoted and hateful content Benjamin puts out as ‘Sargon of Akkad.’

Labor activist, author, and freelance journalist Dan Arel said, ‘”Giving a platform to someone that promotes the harassment of women and spreads a message endorsed by neo-Nazis and white nationalists will only help endorse the hatred and bigotry that lead to violence like we saw in Charlottesville and elsewhere.”


PZ Meyers wrote, ‘Mythicist Milwaukee is free to invite a cluster of neo-fascists to speak at a conference. However, what is appalling is that they’re advertising this as skepticism, and piously declaring that they oppose white supremacy, racism and sexism while hosting a trio of alt-right feminist-hating dorks to headline their event. I know if I attended a meeting that declared that they stand against bigotry of any kind, and first thing I saw was frikken’ Sargon of Akkad taking the stage, I’d walk out and leave because they’d lured me in under false pretenses.’

Steve Shives, a YouTube personality Benjamin has repeatedly targeted for online abuse, said, ‘Carl Benjamin is a professional troll who profits from peddling intolerance and inciting harassment. He blames sexually assaulted women for their abuse, he equates attacks on white supremacy with attacks on white people, he defends and apologizes for Nazis. Why anyone would think inviting this man into their community is a good idea is utterly beyond me. What makes Mythicist Milwaukee’s behavior even worse is that they are supposedly a skeptical organization. In addition to all his other offenses, what Benjamin does is the opposite of skepticism.

Further, Benjamin’s online actions violate the Mythicist Milwaukee’s recently released ethics statement against white supremacy, racism and sexism. When asked, Mythicist Milwaukee said they intend to host Carl Benjamin despite concerns they are promoting a man responsible for online harassment and making bigoted statements.

Instead they recently did an interview to promote him further, ahead of their event.






A listener had this reaction:

Playlist Questioning Benjamin’s Appearance

Before being banned from Twitter, Benjamin led several online harassment campaigns and posted misogynistic tweets on a regular basis.

Benjamin’s Coordinated Online Harassment

Labour’s Jess Phillips receives 600 rape threats after launching anti

Labour MP says she may leave Twitter over trolls’ rape abuse

Jess Phillips Responds To Trolls Who Sent Her Rape Threats On Twitter

I set out to troll her — why all this fuss about 600 rape tweets?

“I wouldn’t even rape you”: A Feminist Analysis | Internet Famous

Benjamin interview about online harassment June, 2016.


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  • Ron Leger

    lol, U jelly bro?

    I bet it kills you that you’re just some nobody and Carl is getting exposure and speaking fees.

    • Kristi Winters

      I sit on the editorial board of an academic journal and run a national election study. Carl is getting his ass sued for being dumb. Why would I be jealous of a moron who is about to hand over a lot of money to a woman he mocked?

      • Ron Leger

        I agree. Your obsession makes no sense. You’re a PHD level academic (i believe). That’s quite the accomplishment. Yet here you are creating more Carl based content. Seems a waste of all that scholarly work.

        • Kristi Winters

          Sexist gaslighting. What else to expect from a person who likes a guy who uses rape to menace women. Fact is, Carl earned my personal ire.

          Carl went on a live hangout within hours of learning my friend Heather was murdered and laughed about it. Then he lied that he laughed and joined in the jokes and refused to apologise. I do it for her because she can’t do it for herself.

          • Ron Leger

            “I do it for her because she can’t do it for herself.”

            well, you certainly are a writer. I can just imagine what you were picturing when you dropped that gem. Good night Doctor.

        • Mr WoolyBee

          what the fuck is “carl based content”? you’re “creating carl based content”, retard. you’re talking about carl as well, no? or are you talking about someone else? someone not named carl who you keep calling carl? you fucking moron. keep saying stupid shit and i’ll block you. because i can.

  • Karver Durane

    I can’t believe you even made a website out of your love for Sargoy Kristi XD. You are a PhD level graduate, what is with your obsession with him, you should just confess to him already.

    • Kristi Winters

      Sexist gaslighting. What else to expect from a person who likes a guy who uses rape to menace women. Fact is, Carl earned my personal ire.

      Carl went on a live hangout within hours of learning my friend Heather was murdered and laughed about it. Then he lied that he laughed and joined in the jokes and refused to apologise. I do it for her because she can’t do it for herself.

      • And what about prior to that? You’re acting as though this hounding is a new thing.

  • Red Hot Scarf

    I can’t believe Fisty Splinters made a website dedicated to Sargon, a whole playlist of videos grasping at straws to attack him, wrote a long shitpiece on him to get him deplatformed and won’t stop with the character assassination of Carl. If I was him, I would try to pursue legal action over defamation.
    Good job Fisty, you’ve lowered yourself to the level of the far-right in terms of character assassination attempts. But I guess you needed to make a robust feminist argument and really challenge yourself.

    • splendidday

      Only Idiots would care about this nonsense.

    • Mr WoolyBee

      you know, this is actually my website, right? didn’t think so. carl made the same mistake. don’t feel bad. and uh, have you seen my website? are you fucking stupid, or do you have difficulty grasping concepts like numbers?

  • DigitalSoul

    This is rather disingenuous. Benjamin is obviously a troll. However, to label him a white supremacist, fascist and Nazi is intellectually dishonest.

    • Martin Arnold

      What’s the difference? He says this stuff so that makes him a Nazi. You dying accidentally say this shit Ffs!

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