White Supremacist Millennial Woes “Peaceful Ethnonationalism” Audio Track

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The audio below is of a white supremacist known as “Millennial Woes” explaining the need for violent action against minority groups. The original has been scrubbed off the internet quite effectively, but will remain here until such time as a valid cease and desist order is issued. If there is a takedown notice, feel free to visit any of several torrent sites which host the file. We ask that anyone interested in exposing Millennial Woes, Richard Spencer, and the National Policy Institute as the neo fascist, white supremacists they are, retweet this post as far and wide as they can. Hate speech is not protected speech.





UPDATE: Millennial Woes has been outed as Mr. Colin Robertson of the West Lothian town of Linlithgow, which you can read more about here.

A MESSAGE OF NONVIOLENCE: Just because Mr. Robertson’s name and location are now known, The Akkadian Times most emphatically DOES NOT advocate meeting Mr. Robertson’s type of advocacy of violence with violence. It may be a trite or antiquated notion, but to oppose these people, we must refrain from becoming them. Principles are important, and while we believe that Mr. Robertson may be willing to die and kill for his, we need to remember that we should not follow suit. Publicize this as the public issue it is–racism and neonazism, but we suggest all people approach their political or social activism non-violently. Violence is not the answer. Mr. Robertson is legally entitled to his views, but he is not legally entitled to resort to violence to further his political goal of establishing an ethnostate. We are likewise not entitled to resort to violence in furtherance of our own.